The Sparks Quarterly Web site contains all the published issues (Whole Numbers) Of "The Sparks Quarterly" publication which was published every three months by "The Sparks Family Association" from 1953 until 2003.  Upon the death of Dr. Russell Bidlack, one  of the founders, "The Association" lives on in the form of "The Sparks Quarterly" website.  Fifty Years of research and publication of the Doctors Bidlack and Paul E. Sparks will remain online as long as support for the site continues.

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 This site contains the entire compilation of 50 years of the Sparks Quarterly Publication.  The entire compilation consisting of almost 6000 pages is still available in paper form from Dr. Bidlack's family.  The last price quoted for this was $360.00 but may have gone up by now.

The Quarterly, in its entirety can be found on this site with a search engine which makes it easy to quickly find any person whose name is in any issue of the Quarterly.

 The cost of the entire compilation of Quarterlies in paper form would be $360.00 or more.  We are asking for what we hope will be a one time donation of only Five dollars ($5.00) for access to this site and its search capabilities.  This is a bargain in anyone's book.

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The material on this site is available for research by members of the Sparks Family and connecting lines.  It may be downloaded solely for the personal use of family genealogical researchers.  The printed issues of the Sparks Quarterly are available to the public and may be scanned or otherwise copied for any legitimate genealogical use.  However, the scanned text and images on this site are the work product of Harold E. Sparks and James J. Sparks and may not be downloaded for placement on another website or sites without express permission in writing.  All legal rights to this project are reserved. 

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