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A note from the webmaster, Harold Sparks, Nancy's first cousin.

Unfortunately Nancy passed away several years ago. She was an avid Genealogist.  
actually traced her Mother's Genealogy all the way back to the early 1000's.

This part of the Sparks Genealogy web site may refer you to a contact to Nancy,
and I did not wish to change it in any way, so remember that she is no longer with us!

Nancy Sparks Morrison

Hello, I'm Nancy Lou (I hate the name Lou) Sparks Morrison. My parents were 
William Frank Sparks and Shirley Evelyn Mayo . Frank was the son of Alie
Sparks and Mary Elizabeth Hager, and the grandson of William Green Sparks and
Pricie Smith. I have been researching my family since the early 1970's.

In this area, I will relate family lines that I am searching, longer stories
of specific individuals in these lines, and some historical data from the
time period in which they lived. Some of these lines have only one name, but
quite a few are longer. I would be glad to exchange information with anyone
researching these lines.

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On January 23, 1999, my father passed away.

William Frank Sparks was born January 31, 1905 in Wayne Co., WV, the son of Alie Sparks and Mary Elizabeth Hager. His Sparks family can be traced to England and he was the 7th in a line of William Sparks’, although he was always called Frank. His Hager family line traces back to Germany and a Hessian who was conscripted to serve in the English army during the Revolutionary War, but who changed sides once on American soil to become an American Patriot. He is a descendant through the Porters of the Walker family of Wigton, Scotland. And he is a descendant through the Collins family of a group of fascinating people called Melungeons, who I believe have Mediterrean ancestry.

Frank was graduated from Kenova High School, in Kenova, WV and attended Marshall College were he was captain of the football team and planned to be a lawyer. The depression intervened and he went to work to help his family. Among his many jobs, he drove an ice truck, an experience that he remembered fondly, in spite of the hard work. He went on to work as one of the few paid personnel in the CCC, working as time keeper. He later became a police officer in Kenova, WV, a position he loved and talked about his whole life.

It was at that time that a 30 year old Frank, while patrolling his beat, met an 18 year old named Shirley EVELYN Mayo. Frank heard singing coming from a local church as he passed and stepping in out of the cold saw a dark-haired, hazel-eyed young lady for the first time. She was destined to become the love of his life. They were married on February 09, 1935 in Beckley, WV.

Because of a change in the local politics, Frank lost his police postion in Kenova, and he and Evelyn moved to Charleston, WV. He worked for Charleston Electrical Supply Company for many years and then moved to sales at Capitol Light Company. In later years, he became a contract painter, working in this field until late in his seventies.

Frank was too young to have been in service during WWI and he had a family by the time of the Second World War which kept him from active service for his country, but he was proud to be an American and a life-long member of the Democratic Party. He was a member of the Baptist faith. He was an easy-going, kind and loving man who placed his family above all else. He never made a lot of money, he never wrote a law, but he loved and was loved in return. He taught his children to know right from wrong, and he supplied his family with all that was within his means and more. He gave his children a life-long love of learning and stressed the values of education, hard work, honesty, and family. He believed in God and tried to do right in all his dealings, following the teachings of the Bible.

He is fondly remembered and his life will be celebrated by his life partner and lovingly, devoted wife, Evelyn Mayo Sparks; daughters Nancy Lou Sparks Morrison, Roanoke, VA and Peggy Joan Sparks Hanshaw, Charleston, WV. Also surviving are sons-in-laws, Richard P. Morrison and Allen Hanshaw; grandchildren Kathryn Kaye Morrison Mullens and Michael Allen Mullens, Charleston, WV; Richard P. Morrison, Jr and Pamela Jabaut Morrison, Colorado Springs, CO; Carey Elizabeth Hanshaw, Charleston, WV; great grandchildren, Traci Mullens and Charles McVey, Jordan Andrew Adams, and great-great grandson, Charles Michael McVey; his remaining sibling, Sarah Margaret Sparks Frazier and her family, Ashland, KY; his sister-in-law Inez Millard Sparks and her family, Nitro, WV, and many other neices, nephews, including my cousin Harold Sparks, who hosts this website, cousins, friends too numerous to mention.

A Personal note from Harold Sparks

I am greatly saddened by Uncle Frank's passing. He was always the favorite uncle of my Sister Doris and me. He was as Nancy said, the kindest and most caring of men and one who took time to notice us, spend time with us and make us feel important. May God accept you into his loving care, Uncle Frank!

Sparks, Mayo family names:


Morrison family names:

The Jayne Family

I'll share some preliminary research on the JAYNE line first. It is one of the most recent lines, I've come across. The beginning information was located in the LDS Church files at my local genealogy library and took me back five generations in one afternoon.

I also found information in the Census Records of 1830-1840 Lawrence County KY; The 1850 Census of Johnson County, KY; the 1860-70-80 Censuses of Boyd County, KY; Marriages from Lawrence County, KY and vital records Of Johnson County, KY. Dr. Paul Sparks of the Sparks Family Association also contributed items of interest on Catherine Jayne and Thomas Sparks, Jr.

The Jayne Line in the Sparks family started with Catherine (Sometimes spelled Katherine) Jayne, who married Thomas Sparks Jr.

Thomas Sparks, Jr., who was born on November 08, 1801 in Surrey County, NC., was the son of Thomas and Diana (Wilcox) Sparks. He accompanied his parents to Lawrence County, KY, and it was there that he Married Catherine Jayne on December 24, 1823. She had been born on January 15, 1807, and was the daughter of William and Dorcas (Ramey) Jayne. Thomas and Catherine lived near his father on Lower Laurel Creek in that part of Lawrence County that became a part of Johnson County in 1843. However, they moved to newly formed Boyd County, KY. in about 1859. It was there that Thomas died on February 08, 1876. Catherine Died in Lewis County, Ky. on May 06, 1883.

Ancestors of Catherine

Parents: William Jayne b. abt. 1776, d. aft. 1860, married Dorcas Ramey on November 22, 1796 .

From Kozee's Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky, p. 386:
William Jayne was the progenitor of the Jayne family of Johnson Co.,KY. According to authorities he migrated from Scott County, Virginia to the Big Sandy Valley, Eastern Kentucky. It is believed he married in Scott County, VA. Other children of this couple were: Henry, Daniel, Susan who married Thomas Conley, ___ Jayne married William Wheeler.

Grandparents: Henry Jayne b. March 14, 1754 in Orange, New York m. Abigail Wheeler.

GGP: Isaac Jayne b. November 23, 1715 in Setauket, Suffolk, New York m. Mary Jones.

2GGP:William Jayne. 2nd b. June 04, 1678 in Setauket, Suffolk, New York, d. October 1756 m. Elizbeth Woodhull.

3GGP: William Jayne (DeJeanne) b. January 25, 1617/18 in Bristol, England, d. March 24, 1713/14 in Setauket, L.I., New York; m. on June 10, 1675 in New Haven, Conn., Annie Biggs b. abt 1653. William was a chaplain and private secretary to Oliver Cromwell. When he married Annie, she was 22 years old. They moved to Brookhaven, L.I., in 1676. He married 2nd, Mehitable Jenkins and moved to Setauket, L.I. in 1708. He would have been 90 years old.

4GGP: Henry DeJeanne. Henry was a lecturer at Oxford University on Theology and Diviinity. He traced his ancestry back to Guido DeJeanne, a famous general in the service of the French Confederation.

Children of Thomas Sparks, Jr. and Catherine Jayne

1) Kesiah Sparks b. abt 1824, married on February 23, 1839 in Lawrence Co., KY, to Campbell Gent (Ghent)

2) Dorcas Sparks b. September 09, 1826 in Lawrence Co. KY, d: abt 1851, Married Aaron Fairchild on February 25, 1845

3) William Jayne Sparks b. abt 1827, Lawrence Co.,KY, d. April 13, 1895, in Johnson Co., KY (Boon's Camp) He married Elizabeth Hager December 27, 1848, in Greenup Co.,KY, (2nd wife, Crissie J. Osborn.)

4) Dianah Sparks b. abt.1829, married Wiley Craft on December 24, 1845 in Johnson Co. KY

5) Sarah Sparks b. August 14, 1830 in Lawrence Co. KY d:July 30, 1916 in Boyd Co. KY, married John Crain (or Crane) on April 19, 1851

6) Eleanor "Nellie" Sparks b. December 05, 1832 , d: December 17, 1909, Married William Craft on October 13 1832 in Greenup Co, KY

7) Margaret Sparks b. abt. 1835 Married to Henry James Craft

8) Thomas J. Sparks b:December 1836, d: March 24, 1907 Married Matilda D. ________, on abt 1866 in Hart Co. KY

9) Henry J. Sparks b. March 1839, d: August. 27, 1905 in Lewis Co.., KY, m. September 26,1861 in Boyd Co. KY to Elizabeth Rouse.

10) Daniel Sparks, b. March 09, 1841, d. September 11, 1859 Boyd Co. KY

11) Catherine Sparks, b: May 09, 1844, d:August 24, 1859 in Boyd Co., KY

12) John Wilbur Sparks b. March 18, 1846, d: aft 1900, married June 5, 1870 in Boyd co., KY to Nancy Jane Jackson.

More on the Jayne Family in a later posting. I would be very interested in hearing from other descendants of the Jayne family with more of their lines and history. I would also like more information on the lines of the women who married into this illustrious family.

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