Direct Descendants of Thomas Sparks, Sr.
From Thomas down to the grandchildren of Harold E. Sparks
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The content of this particular page comes from material in The Sparks Family Association Quarterlies, with exerpts from the home page of James Joseph Sparks, ( Http:// )  and from my own notes and genealogy files.

Sparks, Thomas (~1766 - ~1837) - male
b. ABT. 1766 in Rowan County, NC
d. ABT. 1837 in Floyd County, KY
father: Sparks, William (~1725 - 1801)
mother: ???, Ann (*1729 - )
spouse: ???, Rebecca (*1763 - ~1795)
m. ABT. 1787 in Wilkes County, NC
----------child: Sparks, Hanna (~1788 - )
----------child: Sparks, Joseph (~1790 - <1850)
----------child: Sparks, Eleanor (1791 - 1858)
----------child: Sparks, Allen (~1795 - )
spouse: Wilcox, Diana (*1776 - )
m. ABT. 1800
----------child: Sparks, Thomas (1801 - 1876)
----------child: Sparks, Sarah (~1803 - 1893)
----------child: Sparks, --- (*1804 - )
----------child: Sparks, Matthew (~1805 - >1880)
----------child: Sparks, Daniel Wilcox (1806 - 1900)
----------child: Sparks, Lucy Francis (~1807 - )
----------child: Sparks, Elisha (~1809 - )
----------child: Sparks, Elijah (~1811 - )
----------child: Sparks, Dianah (~1813 - )
----------child: Sparks, Nicholas (~1814 - )

Notes for Thomas Sparks, Sr.:
See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 886 for the following marriage information:Thomas Sparks & Katherine Jayne, December 24, 1823.
(Book I, p. 17) Married by Stephen Wheeler, Baptist minister.

See SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 1991, Whole No. 154, p. 3797:

"Thomas Sparks, son of William and Ann Sparks, was born ca.1766 in North Carolina. He was married about 1787 to Rebecca -----. She may have been a daughter of Evan Beall (Bell) who died in Wilkes County,North Carolina, in 1794. She died about 1795, and Thomas was married (2nd) to Diana Wilcox about 1800. About 1817, he moved to the area where Lee and Scott Counties, Virginia, adjoin, but in 1821, with his brotherJames Sparks, he moved again, this time taking his family to that part of Floyd County, Kentucky, which helped to form Lawrence County shortly thereafter. We believe that both he and Diana died there between 1836 and 1840. Thomas Sparks was the father of fourteen children, the first four (Hannah, Joseph, Eleanor, and Allen) by his first wife and the last ten by his second wife." (The children are included in the family information sheets).

See also SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1991, Whole No. 156, p. 3853:

"Thomas Sparks, son of William (199) and Ann (200) Sparks, was born about 1766, probably in Rowan County, North Carolina. He probably grew to manhood in Surry County, and it was probably there that he was married to Rebecca --- about 1787. When the census was taken of Surry County in1790, they had two children, a son and a daughter. Rebecca apparentlydied about 1795, and Thomas married (2nd) to Dianah Wilcox about 1800.We have not found this family on an 1800 census, but Thomas' household was enumerated on the 1810 census of Surry County. Living in his household in 1810 was his wife along with six males and four females, all probably their sons and daughters.

"Thomas Sparks paid taxes on 200 acres of land in Surry County in1790. On January 9, 1795, he purchased 200 acres of land from Gilbert Keen. He sold this tract to his brother George Sparks (534). On October8, 1802, he purchased a 100-acre tract which had belonged to his father from the executors of his father's estate for $150. He sold this tract to Benjamin Martin, John Spencer, and Thomas Cartwright on December 26,1812. Thomas was present when this deed was registered in Surry Count yin November 1815.

"These are the only deeds we have found for Thomas Sparks in SurryCounty, although it is apparent that he owned other property. He was taxed in 1812 on 200 acres; in 1813 on 378 acres; in 1815 on 697 acres (described as "on the waters of Deep Creek"), and in 1816, he was taxed on 100 acres "which adjoin Jonathan Sparks." His name does not appear on any subsequent tax list, and it seems obvious that he moved from Surry County about 1817.

"Thomas Sparks moved to nearby Virginia about 1817 where he settled near the present-day boundary between Lee and Scott Counties. It was in Scott County that a daughter, Eleanor, was married to Peter Mauk in 1818; however, when the 1820 census was taken, Thomas Sparks was listed in LeeCounty. With him, in addition to his wife, were seven males and three females, all of whom were probably his children.

"Thomas Sparks did not remain long in Virginia, and by the fall of 1821, he and a son, Allen Sparks, were in Floyd County, Kentucky, where each was issued a Kentucky Land Warrant for fifty acres of land on "a fork of Big Blaine Creek." The warrants were dated September 3, 1821.  Thomas and Allen settled in that portion of Floyd County which became a part of Lawrence County when that county was formed three months later,on December 6, 1821.

"In all probability, Thomas Sparks was also accompanied to Lawrence County by his brother, James Sparks (189), and James's youngest son, Jesse Sparks (196).  Most certainly, at least two other families, one headed by Levi Sparks (255) and the other by George Sparks (347), who were relatives of Thomas and James Sparks, also arrived in Lawrence County about 1821. When the 1830 census was taken of  Lawrence County, nine men named Sparks were shown as heads of households there.

"On May 24, 1825, Thomas Sparks, Sr. was issued another Kentucky Land Warrant for fifty acres which adjoined his earlier grant. The land was in Lawrence County and was located on the Middle Fork of Laurel Creek, a stream which flows most of its ten miles through present day Johnson County before entering Blaine Creek in Lawrence County. Thomas Sparks,Jr. also acquired land that year on Lower Laurel Creek.

"The next to last land transaction we have found involving ThomasSparks, Sr. is a deed made in Lawrence County on March 11, 1836. He and his wife, Dianah, on March 11, 1836, sold 200 acres of land on Laurel Fork of Big Blaine Creek, recorded in Johnson County, to David Rose for $400. The last record we have found of Thomas Sparks, Sr. is a deed, recorded in Johnson County but made on September 19, 1837, in LawrenceCounty, by which he deeded 50 acres of land on Lower Fork to NicholasSparks. Witnesses to the deed were Thomas Sparks and Henry Jayne.

"Both Thomas and Dianah (Wilcox) Sparks probably died between 1836 and1840. No record has been found of them on the 1840 census. They left no wills, nor have we found any administrative records of their estates.From census records, it seems apparent that Thomas Sparks was the father of  fourteen children, four of them by his first marriage and ten by his second marriage. We have identified thirteen of them."

Sparks, Thomas, Jr.  (1801 - 1876) - male
b. 8 NOV 1801
d. 8 FEB 1876 in Boyd County, KY
father: Sparks, Thomas (~1766 - ~1837)
mother: Wilcox, Diana (*1776 - )
spouse: Jayne, Catherine (1807 - 1883)
m. 24 DEC 1823 in Lawrence County, KY
----------child: Sparks, Keziah (~1824 - )
----------child: Sparks, Dorcas (1826 - 1851)
----------child: Sparks, William Jayne (~1827 - 1895)
----------child: Sparks, Dianah (~1829 - )
----------child: Sparks, Sarah (1830 - 1916)
----------child: Sparks, Eleanor Nellie (1832 - 1909)
----------child: Sparks, Margaret (~1835 - )
----------child: Sparks, Thomas J. (1836 - 1907)
----------child: Sparks, Henry J. (1839 - 1905)
----------child: Sparks, Daniel (1841 - 1859)
----------child: Sparks, Catherine (1844 - 1859)
----------child: Sparks, John Wilbur (1846 - >1900)

Notes for Thomas Sparks, Jr.:
See the SPARKS QUARTERLY, p. 886 for the following marriage information from Lawrence County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds (1822-1865):
Thomas Sparks & Katherine Jayne, December 24, 1823. (Book I, p. 17) Married by Stephen Wheeler, Baptist minister.

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, June 1957, Whole No. 18, pg. 227 for the Johnson County, Ky. - 1850 Census.

(p. 96) Sparks, Thomas 48 North Carolina (M) Farmer $400
200-200 " Katherine 43 Kentucky (F)
" Sarah 19 " (F)
" Eleanor 17 " (F)
" Margarett 15 " (F)
" Thomas J. 13 " (M)
" Henry 11 " (M)
" Daniel 9 " (M)
" Katherine 6 " (F)
" John 4 " (M)

Also see SQ p. 3797: He was married to Catherine Jayne in 1823.

See THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, December 1991, Whole No. 156, p. 3868:

"Thomas Sparks Jr., son of Thomas and Dianah (Wilcox) Sparks, was born on November 8, 1801, in Surry County, North Carolina. He accompanied his parents to Lawrence County, Kentucky, and it was there that he was married to Catherine Jayne on December 24, 1823. She had been born onJanuary 15, 1807, and was a daughter of William and Dorcas (Ramey)Jayne. Thomas and Catherine lived near his father on Lower Laurel Creek in that part of Lawrence County that became a part of Johnson County in1843, but about 1859 they moved to newly-formed Boyd County, Kentucky.  It was there that Thomas died on February 8, 1876. Catherine died in Lewis County, Kentucky, on May 6, 1883 . They had twelve children.

Sparks, William Jayne (~1827 - 1895) - male
b. ABT. 1827 in Lawrence County, KY
d. 13 APR 1895 in Boons Camp, Johnson County, KY
father: Sparks, Thomas (1801 - 1876)
mother: Jayne, Catherine (1807 - 1883)
spouse: Hager, Elizabeth (~1823 - 1885)
m. 27 DEC 1848 in Greenup County, KY
----------child: Sparks, James Hager (~1849 - )
----------child: Sparks, Thomas Jefferson (1850 - 1932)
----------child: Sparks, Daniel (1855 - 1906)
----------child: Sparks, Nelson (1856 - 1932)
----------child: Sparks, William Greenville (1858 - 1932)
----------child: Sparks, Catherine (1860 - )
----------child: Sparks, Mary (1860 - )
----------child: Sparks, Richard Alvin (1866 - 1921)

Notes for William Jayne Sparks:
SQ p. 3868: "William "Bill" Jayne Sparks, son of Thomas and Catherine (Jayne) Sparks, was born about 1827 in Lawrence County. He was married to Elizabeth Hager on December 27, 1848, in Greenup County, Kentucky. She had been born about 1823 and was a daughter of  James and Susana  (Porter) Hager, natives of Virginia. When the 1860 census was taken, Bill and Elizabeth were in Floyd County, Kentucky, but they moved to Johnson County shortly thereafter where they lived at Boones Camp. Elizabeth died there on March 19, 1885, and Bill died there on April 13, 1895. They had eight children."

Sparks, William Greenville (1858 - 1932) - male
b. 1 APR 1858 in Johnson County, KY
d. 16 JUL 1932 in Wayne County, WV
father: Sparks, William Jayne (~1827 - 1895)
mother: Hager, Elizabeth (~1823 - 1885)
spouse: Smith, Pricie (1852 - 1935)
m. ABT. 1878
----------child: Sparks, Alie (1879 - 1957)
----------child: Sparks, Hensley (*1887 - )
----------child: Sparks, Mary (*1887 - )
----------child: Sparks, Daniel (*1887 - )

Notes for William Greenville Sparks
SQ 3869: William Greenville Sparks was married to Pricie Smith about1878. She had been born on August 16, 1852. William died on July 16,1932, in Wayne County, West Virginia, and Pricie died on July 17, 1935.  They had at least four children: Alie, Hensley, Mary and Daniel.

Sparks, Alie (1879 - 1957) - male
b. 22 FEB 1879 in Pike County, KY
d. 28 APR 1957 in Huntington, WV
father: Sparks, William Greenville (1858 - 1932)
mother: Smith, Pricie (1852 - 1935)
spouse: Hager, Mary Elizabeth (1881 - 1963)
m. 1 MAR 1900 in Eliza, Johnson County, KY
----------child: Sparks, James Edgar (1901 - 1984)
----------child: Sparks, Mary Edna (1903 - 1989)
----------child: Sparks, William Frank (1905 - 1999)
----------child: Sparks, Joseph Walter (1906 - November 17, 1991)
----------child: Sparks, Sara Margaret (1917 - )
----------child: Sparks, Thomas Frederick (1917 - 1987)

 Note:   Sara Margaret and Thomas Frederick were twins.
Thomas Frederick died of cancer in 1987

Sparks, James Edgar (1901 - 1984) - male
b. 15 MAY 1901 in Whites Creek, Wayne County West Virginia
d. 5 MAR 1984 in Scioto County, OH
father: Sparks, Alie (1879 - 1957)
mother: Hager, Mary Elizabeth (1881 - 1963)
spouse: Stump, Anna Mae (*1904 - )
m. 9 OCT 1924 in WV
spouse: Ison, Lillian (1899 - 1984)
b. Feb 24, 1899 in Elliot County Kentucky
m. 14 APR 1928 in Cattletsburg, KY
d: January 1, 1984 in Portsmouth. Ohio
----------child: Sparks, Harold Ellsworth (private)
----------child: Sparks, Doris Jean (private)

Sparks, Harold Ellsworth (private) - male
father: Sparks, James Edgar (1901 - 1984)
mother: Ison, Lillian (1899 - 1984)
spouse: Cate, Mary Ellen 1933-1986
b: January 15, 1930 In Knoxville, Tenn.
m: February 15,1951 in North Charleston, SC.
d: November 6, 1986 in Charleston, SC
----------child: Sparks, Harold Alan (private)
----------child: Sparks, Charles Ernest (private)
----------child: Sparks, Brenda Kay (private)
spouse: Lovelady, Judy (private)
m: December 23, 1989 in Hanahan, SC (Berkeley County)
(Divorced: July 1990)

Sparks, Harold Alan (private) - male
father: Sparks, Harold Ellsworth (private)
mother: Cate, Mary Ellen 1933-1986
spouse: Fowler, Sheila (private)
----------child: Sparks, Joshua Alan (private)
----------child: Sparks, Joseph Kyle (private)

Sparks, Charles Ernest (private) - male
father: Sparks, Harold Ellsworth (private)
mother: Cate, Mary Ellen 1933-1986
spouse: Kinney, Sandra (private)
----------child: Sparks, Elizabeth Ann (private)
----------child: Sparks, Lauren Aislen (private)

Sparks, Brenda Kay (private) - female
father: Sparks, Harold Ellsworth (private)
mother: Cate, Mary Ellen 1933-1986
spouse: Brastauskas, James Peter (private)
----------child: Brastauskas, Ian Michael (private)
----------child: Brastauskas, Haley Cate (private)