"The Mayo family, which is the direct line of my mother, Shirley Evelyn Mayo Sparks, is one of the shorter lines that I have. I have been looking for connections for this family for many years and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can connect with them.

John Tyler Mayo, who was born in 1839 married Susan Frances Perdue, daughter of James Burton Perdue and Cynthia Kelly.

According to my mother, Shirley Evelyn Mayo, Susan did not like her daughter-in-law (Elizabeth Margaret Carey who married James Glen Mayo.)

She made disparaging remarks about her. My mother thinks that Susan did not believe that she, Evelyn, was her son's child, because, Elizabeth Carey Mayo had a male friend who gave her rides in his car into town. The town was two to three miles from their home and the only other way to get in, would have been to walk. Mother does not believe that Susan's assertions were true.

Susan apparently liked chicken gizzards and livers and kept them for herself when she fried chicken. When Elizabeth Carey Mayo was pregnant with one of her children, she filched the gizzards and livers that Susan was frying. Apparently, this made up for some of the problems that Susan was constantly causing. Grandma Mayo, commented on the episode many times. 

1) James G. Mayo b: abt 1776 m: Winifred ? b: abt 1796

Information on the Carey/Cary/DeKari line which goes back to the 1100's, will follow soon."

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