Harold E. Sparks

Family History
I am the son of James Edgar Sparks, first born son of Alie Sparks whose father (and my Great Grand Father) was William Greenville Sparks. William Greenville Sparks was a son of William Jayne Sparks. I, along with my cousin Nancy Sparks Morrison, have done some extensive research into our ancestry and have traced it back to the early 1600's in England.

Our family line began in America when two brothers named William And John Sparks entered America through Maryland. Many thousands of people in America whose name is Sparks (although certainly not all) can trace their beginnings back to one of these two men. The path of migration was from Maryland to Virginia and then to North Carolina in the vicinity of Salisbury. From there they moved to a part of the Virginia territory which is now Kentucky. My Grandfather moved from Kentucky to Wayne County West Virginia, where my father was born. My parents lived in Scioto County, Ohio where I was born. While in the U.S.Navy, I was married in Charleston, S.C. I and my two sons and their families still reside there. My daughter and her family now reside in Cincinnati, Ohio, only 100 Miles from where I was born.


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