William Greenville Sparks

William Greenville Sparks, Son of William Jayne Sparks and Elizabeth Hagar was My Great Grandfather. He was married to Pricie Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith and Marinda Williamson.

There have been some conflicting opinions about whether my great grandfather's middle name was really "Green", or that was just a shortening of the name "Greenville". The name on his grave stone is "William G. Sparks". His only living granddaughter says she never heard him called anything but "Green".

Recently I received a letter from John G. Sparks with a copy of the marriage certificate for Greenville Sparks and Pricie Sluss. (She was married to John Sluss before marrying my Great Grandfather, William Greenville Sparks.) The mystery is solved. Many thanks to John.


The picture below is one of "Green" Sparks and his wife Pricie Smith (both seated). I would like to identify the man standing in the center of the picture. There has been conjecture that he is a brother to Pricie, but I have no proof of that.

Pricie Smith, descendant of Jenny Wiley

My Great Grandmother, Pricie Smith, is a direct descendant of Jenny Wiley, the frontier heroine after whom the Jenny Wiley State Park (near Paintsville, Ky.) is named . We have traced from Pricie back to Jenny's father Hezekiah Sellards and could get no further. If you have any data further back than this please contact me at the E-Mail address below.

If you can shed any light on any of these questions or would like to exchange information on the genealogy of this branch of the Sparks family, please contact me by E-Mail at:


Nancy Sparks Morrison has researched the "Jayne" family ancestry of Catherine Jayne, wife of Thomas Sparks, Jr. and Mother to William Jayne Sparks. Visit Nancy's Corner now to see some of this work. Other connecting lines may be addressed as research continues and information comes in.

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