Free Genealogy Software
Here are three FREE Genealogy Programs to help you get started in creating your own Genealogy trees.  Some of them may or may not be limited in the number of entries/generations they will allow.  They do afford you the benefits of trying them out to see if you would like to buy the full version.

The free Family Tree Builder program. It pulls information from the Website to help you build your family tree.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides Family Search. It’s tough to find a group that knows more about genealogy.
This site has some of the most complete records you’ll find.

 Family Tree Legends version 5.0 is a powerful and sophisticated genealogy program designed to make it easy for you to collect, display, and organize information about your family history. Whether it’s notes, medical facts, pictures, or multimedia files, Family Tree Legends provides you with a single tool to capture every bit of information about the history of your family. Available now FREE