Adventures in England

[England, the land of our forefathers]

I have been fortunate enough to travel to England several times and have had some very enjoyable times.  On this page I intend to chronicle several of the trips as time permits, and hope that you may enjoy England vicariously through me.  I will be adding to this page as time goes by.  For now I will start with an outing to Cornwall which is located on a peninsula on the southwest coast of England.  It contains both the southernmost point (Lizzard's Point) and the westernmost point (Land's End) in England.

 Mevagissey is a small village on the southern coast of Cornwall, and one of a great many small villages dotting the coastline of Cornwall.  Most of these were originally fishing villages and each has it's own interesting little waterfront or quay (Pronounced "key").

(Definition of quay: a wharf for loading and unloading ships, usually one of stone or concrete. )


In Mevagissey we found a little restaurant named "The Haven".  We were walking by it and thought the menu looked interesting, so we made reservations for that evening.  We got their last reservation opening for the day.

It was a small restaurant, containing about nine or ten tables.  Due to the small staff, they only accepted eight reservations each day.  The restaurant was owned and operated by a lady whose first name was Sue.  She was also the waitress, busboy and cashier rolled into one.  The only other staff were the chef Christophe, and a dish washer.  Christophe, her friend and partner, was French.

Our dinner that evening was very interesting and delicious.  I had "Roast Loin of Lamb" in a Rosemary and wine sauce.  It was a generous portion of  lamb's loin which was  deluged with the delicious Rosemary and wine sauce.   Of course there were vegetables too, along with bread and wine and a tasty desert.  We enjoyed the meal so much that we made reservations on the spot for the next evening.

There was considerable wait for the meal because each entree was freshly and individually prepared when ordered.  (No fast food or "short order cook" here.)  We were forewarned of this, so enjoyed the wine and conversation while the food was being prepared.

Dinner the next evening was equally good.  Since I had enjoyed the Roast Lamb the night before, I couldn't help wanting to enjoy it again, so I did!  This was on a Friday evening, and as we entered the restaurant we couldn't miss the sign on the door saying that no reservations were available until the following Wednesday.  They were completely booked up through Tuesday night!  We could understand why!

If you are ever in Cornwall, make a point of visiting Mevagissey.  Look for "The Haven" and enjoy a delicious meal.  Perhaps you had better write or phone ahead to insure a reservation.  Tell Sue that Harold Sparks sent you!

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I journeyed back to Mevagissey on May 3, 2003, and again enjoyed the delicious Roast Loin of Lamb with Rosemary and wine sauce.  I made a reservation by phone from the states before journeying to England.  I wanted to be sure of my reservation!  I told Sue that I had flown 3000 miles and driven another 250 miles just to enjoy her restaurant again.  This may not have been totally true, since I was flying to London anyway, but the trip to Cornwall was made mainly because of my desire to visit "The Haven" and Mevagissey again.  I stayed in nearby Portmellon Cove, in a very pleasant Bed & Breakfast owned by Roy and Sarah Purlan.  It was named the "Portmellon Cove Guest House", and Roy and Sarah were very gracious hosts.

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